Uplifting Lives Thru Herbals

Uplifting Lives Thru Herbals

From simple herbs that we normally see and what most people carelessly ignore brings light to a community. When MIWA started producing Herbal powders packed on an ice candy wrapper, no one had thought that these products would one day feed their families, send their kids to school, and most importantly, give hope.

These herbs gives them the chance to chase their dream and follow their aspirations. Aside from a descent home provided by MINSAC, their kids can now afford to hope to finish school and get a College Degree.

A win-win deal for the organization, the community and the costumers. The Organization wins because they grow, learn and develop their full potential. The Community wins because they (MIWA) source raw materials from the local community. Therefore, as the organization thrives and continues to grow, more raw materials will be on demand which means additional income for local farmers. Development happens inclusively. Costumers win because they get a good value for their money and most importantly, they help a community of local farmers, producers and housewives with their every purchase.

kid playing, miwa village, green grass

Before producing herbals powders, they could only hope from what their husbands income could afford. Often not enough to sustain their daily needs until they attend Herbal Processing Seminar in 2006 and starts producing herbals. Certainly, a blessing for everyone.

Today, MIWA produces nine healthy flavors including the 7 in 1 Turmeric which combines their seven flavors. A long way from ice candy wrappers and hopes to create more quality products for the public.

miwa womens cooking at the laboratory
miwa village, llorente eastern samar, blue sky